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  • Canopy Housing Details
  • Sort code: 08-92-50
  • Account number: 5010 9032
  • Please don’t forget to let us know who you are by emailing or telephone 0113 294 6868. We are grateful for any contributions and would like to thank you.

Canopy relies on donations and funds raised from charitable sources to continue its work. Please support us.

Why support Canopy?

Our work is about bringing people together, changing lives and tapping into the potential, within individuals, and within communities and neighbourhoods. Our work produces many benefits and has relevance to a number of issues and related strategies at local and national levels. In particular:

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All payment methods allow you to make Gift Aid declarations. This means that Canopy can increase the value of your donation by claiming back tax you may have previously paid.

Canopy does not receive any direct statutory funding. Numerous charitable trusts and grant giving bodies have generously supported our work over the years, both in our establishment and ongoing projects. Additionally we receive rental income from our renovated properties which we invest back into our ongoing work.

We are also supported by Leeds City Council, the local Housing Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) and local housing associations in our work, through the acquisition of suitable properties which we turn onto homes.